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Journal of Religion in Africa


The Journal of Religion in Africa was founded in 1967 by Andrew Walls. In 1985 the editorship was taken over by Adrian Hastings, who retired in 1999. His successor, David Maxwell, acted as Executive Editor until the end of 2005.
The Journal of Religion in Africa is interested in all religious traditions and all their forms, in every part of Africa, and it is open to every methodology. Its contributors include scholars working in history, anthropology, sociology, political science, missiology, literature and related disciplines.
It occasionally publishes religious texts in their original African language. Presenting a unique forum for the debate of theoretical issues in the analysis of African religion past and present, the Journal of Religion in Africa also encourages the development of new methodologies. It reviews a very wide range of books and regularly publishes longer review articles on works of special interest.
The Journal of Religion in Africa prides itself on being highly international and is the only English-language journal dedicated to the study of religion and ritual throughout Africa. In an effort to highlight emerging themes in the study of religion in Africa, and promote the outstanding work of younger scholars, the JRA regularly publishes special issues, for example: Faith and AIDS in East Africa, Islamic Thought in 20th-Century Africa, Inventing Orthodoxy: African Shaping of Mission Christianity During the Colonial Era, Christian-Muslim Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa, New Dimensions in the Study of Pentecostalism, and Twinship.



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